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BL 229 Universal Rising Barrier
Permeter Protection
Vehicle Products

we can supply the right solutions to meet your requirements, with the latest technological developments.

Whether your requirement is for toll roads, parking areas, access to bridges, tunnels, level crossings, or the closing and entry control of private or industrial sites… within our ranges of barriers, rising bollards and road blockers, you will find the product suitable for your application.

Perimeter Access
We has a wide range of barriers to provide
access control for your site. In accordance
with the number of passages expected and
the level of security demanded, we can
provide all specific requirements for your installation.
Traffic Management
Securing access to bridges, tunnels, level
crossings, and other road arteries requires
extremely reliable and robust barriers.
Sensitive Sites
,We provides security barriers,
a range of bollards and retractable barriers
(road blockers) that enable you to protect
your site, while selectively authorising the
passage of certain vehicles.
Parking spaces in both covered or open air,
payment parking facilities require entry and
exit control. For these applications, we have
designed reliable and robust barriers,
allowing a synergy with an external management system.
We has designed a high-speed barrier dedicated
to highway applications, and more generally for
toll roads, where reliability, endurance and the
correct technology to manage major vehicle
flows is essential.
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