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Building on its experience in the field of raising barriers, Automatic Systems has designed a high speed barrier dedicated to toll applications, especially highways, here reliability, endurance and the correct technology to manage major vehicle flows is essential.

BL 229 Toll

Ultra Fast Rising Barrier - High Vehicle Flow (3m)

The BL 229 Highway barrier is the fast version of the BL229, dedicated to highway toll applications. In response to security problems for the user, Automatic Systems has designed various arms for this barrier : boom swing-off device, Protecta ® (carbon fiber), boom with automatic reseating...

Its main features are :
. Modularity
. Barrier equipped with control logic allowing operation perfectly adapted to every situation
. Various types of boom available, according to the installation and the policies of the owner

. Performance
. Fast and quiet movements
. Assimilation of major flows of vehicles
. Lanes opened and closed again very quickly

The main market segments concerned are :
. Toll roads, highways

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